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THE PATENT ACT, 1970 SECTION 15 IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION FOR PATENT NUMBER 201821004235 Applicant:. THE ZERO BRAND ZONE PVT. LTD. And Subramanian; Kalyanaraman Hearing held on 17/08/2020 DECISION An application for Patent for an invention titled “NICOTINE – FREE SMOKING COMPOSITIONS AS WELL AS NICOTINE CONTAINING SMOKING COMPOSITIONS BASED ON PANCHAGAVYA WITH THE COMBINATION OF HERBAL LEAVES” was filed on 05/02/2008 by the Applicant through the agent. The First Examination Report (FER) was issued 13/02/2020 and the objections’ remaining has been communicated through hearing notice issued on 21/07/2020. Applicant’s agent has attended the hearing on 17/08/2020 and...

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