Mindscan Ancestoral healing workshop Delhi - 16-23 Dec 2017

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Ancestral Healing and Education Program at Delhi.
The Ancestral Healing and Education Program is conducted by Mind Scan™ and is aimed towards Healing Consciousness of Mankind by setting the Ancestors Free/ Liberate/ Upgrade Growth in the Seven planes of Astral Dimensions!

This program is carried with the inner awareness and mind of the individual in alignment with the Divine, under the guidances of Ascended Masters and Soul-self!

Conducted By
Ms Prameela Sreemangalam - TOI Speaking Tree, Good Karma Award Winner, Young Women Achievers 2017, Author, Psychotherapist, Life Coach.
Founder - Mind Scan and Ancestral Healing and Training Program.

Levels and Duration of Ancestral Healing and Education Program:
1. *Level 1*:- The Immortal Beings (2 Days)
2. *Level 2*:-Channeling with Masters (2 Days)
3. *Level 3*:-Healing with Creator Consciousness (2 Days)
4. *Level 4*:-Divine Oneness (1.5 Days)

The Ancestral Imprints such as Belief, Thoughts, Habits and so also Curses, Tragedies, Ailments, Spells, Oath, Vow, Pledge, Discord et cetera are shared in the Genetic Impressions that is stored in the DNA Consciousness which influences ones' life ahead.
The imprints gets displayed as Marital Disharmony/ Addiction/ Miscarriage/ Feuds in Family/ Communal Violence/ Social Destruction/ Murder/ Rape/ Death/ Depression/ Alcoholism/ Addictions/ Health Conditions/ Mood conditions/ Anything else.

Ancestral Karma are serious issues and it clouds the consciousness in various ways. Some of the Issues are listed below -

1. Marital Discord/ Disharmony
2. Conception Issues / Miscarriages
3. Mind Ailments
4. Addictions
5. Financial Constraints/ Conflicts / Struggles / Drainage
6. Depression/ Unhappiness/ Suicidal Ideation, Attempts or History of Suicides in Family
7. Health Ailments and Illnesses like Cardiac conditions, Cancer, Obesity that runs in families.
8. Mood conditions
9. Murder and other destructive pattern of life.
10. Non-productive life.

The workshop is a certified training and healing program and are suitable for Both Men and Woman who are keen to resolve Ancestral issues.

Additionally -
1. For Individuals, who wish to take ahead a learning to transform as Ancestral Healing Practitioner.
2. To Upgrade Life with Ancestral Blessings.
3. Heal Family Karmas and attain freedom from Ancestral Issues.
4. Family Re-patterning for Healing Consciousness of Present Reality.
5. Release from Ancestral Oaths, Vows, Curses, Generational Loop Issues.
6. Come out of Repetitive patterns of Ancestral Blocks.
7. Freedom from Ancestral Shadow.
8. Receive channeled attunement to receive Love, Respect, Rewards, Recognition and Honor in Work and Life.
9. Learn Four Methods of Ancestral Channeling.
10. Peacemaking for Life Progress.
11. Work On Ancestral Paranormal Activities and Imprints.
12. Free stuck or controlling energies of Ancestors from environments which includes Houses, Work Places, Land, Assets, Metals, Wealth and Funds, which has not gifted offsprings on earthly journey a progress in life.
13. Work on the control of ancestors that would have given rise to addictive or negative traits of earthly offsprings.
14. Work on legal aspects that would have been created by the ancestors which is impacting the present lineage.
15. Attaining freedom from the dark shadow of the ancestors.
16. Gift liberation to Ancestors.
17. Upgrade the planes and realms of Ancestors for better evolution of future offsprings.
18. Aid in universal program of releasing the heaviness, negativity and baggage present upon the earth.
19. Work towards nature-friendly consciousness of earth and it’s beings.
20. Step up in Divine Oneness Path, that gifts one to practice healing at personal, society and universal level.
21. Merge with the Divine, a profound experience of “All That Is”, everything that exists seen and unseen, connected with one another, in Divine Oneness with the Truth of the Divine.

Course Duration
7.5 Days

Defence Colony

Workshop Dates
16th December to 23rd December 2017

Course Fees
Level 1- INR 15000/-
Level 2- INR 20000/-
Level 3 - INR 15000/-
Level 4 - INR 13000/-
(Early offer when paid in advance)

The Fees Include,
Workshop, Manuals, Crystal Dowsing Pendulum, Channelled - Ancestral Prayer Booklet, Ancestral Divination Deck, Masters’ Divination Deck, Ancestral Board and Chakra Chart, Certificates, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Happiness Tea!

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