Pune Ancestral Workshop 23-26 November 2017

  • Zero Brand Price: Rs. 20,000

Mind Scan Ancestral Healing and Education Program at Pune
The Ancestral Healing and Education Program is conducted by Mind Scan ™ and is aimed towards Healing Consciousness of Mankind by setting the Ancestors Free/ Liberate/ Upgrade growth in the seven planes of Astral Dimensions!

Conducted By
Ms Prameela Sreemangalam, TOI Speaking Tree, Good Karma Award Winner, Young Women Achievers 2017, Author, Psychotherapist, Life Coach.
Founder - Mind Scan and Ancestral Healing and Training Program.

Level I - The Immortal beings ( 2 Days)
Level II - Channeling with Masters ( 2 Days)

The Ancestral Imprints such as Belief's, Thoughts, Habits and so also Curses, Tragedies, Ailments, spells et cetera are shared in the Genetic Impressions that is stored in the DNA Consciousness which influences ones' life ahead.
Also for Practitioners as a certified education program.

Energy Exchange
Level 1 - INR 15,000/-
Level 2- INR 20000/-
(Early Offer for prior registrations)

Value of Energy Exchange
Includes Four Days of Workshop, Breakfast, Lunch and Two servings of Tea/ Coffee at the Venue, Ancestral Prayer Booklet, Crystal Dowsing Pendulum, Ancestral Reading Board and Ancestral Divination Deck and Manuals.

1) This workshop is suitable for Both Men and Woman who are keen to resolve Ancestral issues.
2) Who wish to take ahead a learning to transform as Ancestral Healing Practitioner.
3) To upgrade life Quality with ancestral blessings.
4) Heal family karmas and attain freedom from long pending ancestral issues.
5) Family repatterning for healing consciousness of present reality.
6) Attain release from ancestral oaths, vows, curses, generational loop issues.
7) Come out of repetitive patterns of ancestral blocks.
8) Obtain freedom from ancestral shadow.
9) Receive attunement to receive love, respect, rewards, recognition and honor in work and life.
10) Learn four methods of ancestral channeling.
11) Attain resolutions in health Areas to do with organ/ ailment conditions that is shared with the present generation by ancestors.
12) Anything else for resolution that is preventing the life growth.
13) Peacemaking for life progress.

Venue Address
Hotel Shantai,
Off Moledina Road, Camp, 10/3, Rastapeth, Pune 411011

Level 1- 23rd to 24th November 2017
Level 2- 25th to 26th November 2017

To attend or know more about the program, write to mindscan4simplifyinglife@gmail.com
Message Pam +91 9820097181
Call Mrs Sunita Balsara +91 9823102810

Additional Benefits
1) Be a part of Mind Scan community, that helps you with learnings, additional informations and constant guidance to upgrade life quality as a Ancestral Healing Practitioner.
2)Be a part of shifts and change for universe by clearing ancestral karma’s thus aiding in universal evolution.
(At a time 128 Ancestors are liberated from the Consciousness planes).