Mind Scan Consciousness Retreat at Lonavla

About the Retreat
A 3 day consciousness retreat that brings about a profound transformation through Activation, Realization, Awakening and Mastery of Self, where one merges with the Divine Oneness of Truth!
Transformation is facilitated by Pam and her Team who serves and connects the Seekers into the eternal, timeless, planetary wisdom and linking the humanity consciousness with the Divine.
To receive the awakened state of Self in oneness with the Divine, physical, mental, spiritual, soul and ethereal detoxification is carried out through series of meditations and activities. 
 Day 1 Day Program with Healing in the BARDO and collecting the complete consciousness of self.
Day 2 Day Program to raise Soul Consciousness of Individual Self with help of Ascended Masters.
Day 3
Day Program to work on further agreements of soul contracts to serve the higher purpose of the Divine.