Karma Healing Workshop in Mumbai - 10th Dec 2017

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Karma Healing Workshop
by Mind Scan ™

December 10th 2017

Hotel Suba Galaxy
Andheri East Mumbai

We are all faced life’s tests and challenges and have outgrown many of it.
And we have also heard about karma and re-incarnation associated with it. 
Good karma elevates the energy consciousness of a being, whereas the negative karma drains the energy.

How to progressively mitigate the karma to raise the consciousness of the present and the future, heal the past karma so as to face the life’s test positively attaining it’s soulful lessons is addressed on December 3rd 2017 in Mumbai.

If you were asked which are the three areas in your life where you want the karma cleared, what would you choose?
1. Obstacles towards creating financial abundance?
2. Vibrant Health?
3. Relationship with Self?
4. Marriage?
5. Habits?
6. Fear?
7. Opening to receive life in a happier way?
8. Positivity?
9. Anything else?

This workshop is for everyone who is keen to undergo karma healing and welcoming an outstanding life.
Age Group :- 20 and above

Flow of Process
1. Invocation with Ascended Masters - To open to heal the karma.
2. Divine Flame Meditation - To transmute negative karma.
3. Invocation of the sacred geometric shape, The Star of Dravid which breaks the karmic cyles.
4. Conscious death exercise to break the karma of former lifetimes.
5. Divine dispensation of karmic absolution - Exercise.

Energy Exchange
INR 7777/- 

About Ms Prameela Sreemangalam
Ms Prameela Sreemangalam (Pam), Founder of Mind Scan™ is an Author practicing Psychotherapist and Life Coach. 
For her service towards humanity consciousness, Pam has been awarded TOI Speaking Tree- Good Karma and Young Women Achievers award in the year 2017.

Pam personally hosts and facilitates Life Transforming Workshops, Ancestral Healing and Education Program, Masters’ Programs, Channeling and her elite team comprises of effluent Facilitators. 

This transformative workshop is an unique gift from the Divine and is packed with meaning and purpose right from the moment “You” mentally choose to step into the program!

If you feel called to be part of Pam’s event, reserve your spot today!
Do it for your self, your purpose, awakening and elevating your consciousness energy in life.

To Register:-
Message Pam +91 9820097181
Mrs Sunita Balsara +91 9823102810